2021 Tournament/Event Schedule

Dates are subject to change


5/15/2021 Saturday Chazy Lions Club 12:30pm

                 Monday Memorial Day Shootout 7am-9am Starting Times

5/21/2021 Friday Rick Sawyer Memorial Tournament 


6/6/2021 Sunday Chazy Youth Hockey 12:30pm 

6/13/2021 Sunday McGoldrick Memorial 12:30pm 

6/26/2021 Saturday Lazy Days Outing 12:30pm


7/10/2021 Saturday North Country Youth Hockey 12:30pm 

7/11/2021 Sunday Friends of NCCS 12:30pm

7/18/2021 Sunday Member/Member 8am

7/23/2021 Friday Knights of Columbus 12:30pm

7/30/2021 Friday Member/Guest Practice Rounds Tee Times

7/31/2021 Saturday Member/Guest Day 1 8am


8/1/2021 Sunday Member/Guest Day 2 8am

8/4/2021 Wednesday Ladies Association Interclub 9am

8/6/2021 Friday Clinton County Chamber 10AM 

8/7/2021 Saturday Beacon Heights/Mt. View  12:30pm

8/8/2021 Sunday Larry Jeffords Memorial  12:30pm

8/15/2021 Sunday Ron Roberts Junior Tournament 1pm

8/21/2021 Saturday Club Championship Day 1 8am

8/22/2021 Sunday Club Championship Day 2 8am

8/27/2020 Clinton County Chamber Rain Backup Date

8/29/2021 Sunday Jane's Fight Fund 12:30pm



9/5/2021 Sunday Fall Classic 8.30am

9/6/2021 Monday Labor Day Shootout 7am-9am Starting Times

9/11/2021 Saturday Champlain Fire Dept. 12:30pm

9/17/2021 Friday Sample Lumber Invitational  12:30pm 

9/19/2021 Sunday Lady Eagles Hockey 12:30pm

9/25/2021 Saturday Country Malt Invitational 12:30pm 



10/2/2021 Saturday Annual Meeting/Scramble/Closing Party 10am/12pm/TBD

10/10/2021 Sunday Champlain Cup 10am